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creative embodiment at it's finest. 

Each quarter (maybe more often!) I will post a new collection of workshops, testing, changing as I go. Looking at what works, what doesn't.
On this page you will find that collection. 
the process is the point. 

let's play.

open studio

because sometimes there doesn't have to be a project and you just need a space to create. 
for April-june 2022 open studio

let's cut and paste

I invite you into my studio to enjoy community and release from creative shame by diving into a just-for-fun making session. I will provide found images, glue, collage papers, markers, glitter and other fun ephemera. If you have a favorite journal, or set of images, feel free to bring those as well. 
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duration: 2 hours
price: $50

a playtime that empowers you by releasing you

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for more specificity...you may enjoy

guided workshops

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Reclaim Time & Peace in Decision Making

Create a congruent life and release yourself from anxiety in decision making, and recover your time. 
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Creative Journaling as Meditative Practice

Discover the beauty of falling into creativity as a meditative practice, releasing yourself from the need to make a product.
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Honoring Self Promises

The first step in developing self trust is keeping those promises. Create a token to remind yourself and keep your promises. 
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Creating a Sacred Space

Honor your sacred space by creating cards using SoulCollage® and mixed media techniques. Learn how to build an altar, and ways to take it with you on the road.
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Let's Focus on Energy:
A New Vision

Let's create energy cards to visualize the energy you want in your life, which will lead to the things you want in your life.
And you'll feel better too. 
on your terms.
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self-discovery, at last. 

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create journey maps

understand what drives your decision making in daily life

align values to decision making

look for congruency between what matters and how you spend your time

free up time

remove unnecessary time blockers & achieve more peace in decision making
it's there for you. Time to take it back. 

Reclaim Time & Peace in Decision Making

Did you know you usually have more time in your schedule than you realize? That there is a way to make decisions in peace, that feel good on the inside? That the little decisions you make each day, if not aligned to what is important to you, can eat away at your peace of mind and your time? 

Join me and discover what matters to you, and how to use that to make decisions and recover your peace of mind and more time in your life.

what We'll do

First we will align to what matters to us in a Values exercise, then we will create Personal Journey Maps and critically and thoughtfully inquire our personal "Moments of Truth" - where we are making decisions on how to spend our time. We will examine the societal constructs that tell us how to spend time, and examine what would happen if we just asked why?  

what I'll provide

I will provide the values exercise, and journey mapping template and questions. Please come with a journal and a willingness of heart to examine your days and your decision making behaviour. You will leave here with a new understanding of how you spend your time, what matters to you, and ways to begin waking up to living a congruent life - where what is on the outside is matching up with what is on the inside. 
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duration: 4 hrs
price: $125
creativity as a way back to self

creative journaling as meditative practice

Did you know that creative practice is meditative? 

Let's get together in community and combine our meditative practice, our spirituality and our creativity into one beautiful session. This is a practice I follow in my own life, and once I realized that the process of creating is the way in which I come home to Self, it opened an entirely new path to alignment with my Truth, as I learned to Trust what I was hearing and act from that place of knowledge.

what We'll do

We will meditate on a personal question, and then draw a card from an Oracle deck. We will then free write, hearing our answers, and then cover our pages in ink, collage and finally affirm in prayer, sharing along the way. 

what I'll provide

I will provide inks, collage materials, ephemera and other goodies, as well as Oracle cards. Please bring a favorite journal or any other objects you would like to work with (including your own decks), or I also have wet-media ready journals available in my shop for purchase. 
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duration: 3 hours
price: $99
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work with oracle cards

discuss oracle cards and ways to incorporate in meditation practice

practice free writing

discuss "hearing" ourselves and practice writing what we hear in journals

ink and collage

play with india inks and collage papers, layering in our journals in honor of our meditation
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keeping promises and self-trust

earning your self trust and the impact of broken promises on that trust

creating tokens as reminders

mixed media techniques to create a reminder

journaling on our promises

what promises do you want to make to your self? writing them down and committing to something small
learning to trust your self 

Honoring self promises

How many times have you committed and made a promise to your Self in the morning, only to have your promise broken by the afternoon? I find that when I carry an object with me as a reminder, I am more likely to find the strength to carry through on my promise. Keeping those promises is the first step towards learning to trust your Self. Once you know you can count on your Self to follow through, a whole new world opens up! 

Let's get together and create tokens to remind us of promises we make to our Selves. 

what We'll do

We will use mixed media techniques - collage, matte medium (glue), drawing, coloring, painting - to create a small, pocket size token to carry with us throughout the day. We will affirm our creations, journal on our promise, and leave with something tangible in our pockets to help us keep those very important promises to Self. 

what I'll provide

I will provide the supplies needed. Please bring a journal of your choosing, or I have many beautiful journals in my shop available for purchase, and ready for a good home! 
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duration: 3 hours
price: $99
creativity as a spiritual practice

creating a sacred space

Creating a sacred space where you meditate and pray is a blessing. Let's come together and create pieces to place in your sacred space, a lovely addition to the altar you have, or the beginning of a new altar.

what We'll do

We will meditate, pray and then create Guardian and Soul cards to place on our altars, as well as discuss methods and ways to begin creating a sacred space in your home. We will discuss what we mean by "altar," share ideas of what our altars mean to us, and discuss ways to take our altars with us when we are away from home. 

what I'll provide

I will provide the supplies needed. Please feel free to bring anything you would like to add to your cards, or a journal for noting thoughts. 
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duration: 3 hours
price: $99
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altars and sacred spaces

what does this mean, and how do you create this in your life

traveling and spiritual practice

ways to carry your practice with you

creating Soul and Guardian cards

Support your altar at home or traveling with these cards 
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manifestation of things vs. energy

what do we mean by energy vs. things and the difference

create energetic cards 

collage, mixed media and journaling with an energetic focus

meditation and centering prayer

techniques to support meditation and centering prayer in your life 
manifesting the energy you want in your life

let's focus on energy: 
a new vision

Creating a vision board is a popular practice. But rarely does the material provide the joy and love we are actually craving. Let's focus instead on the energy we want in our lives, and then allow the things we need to manifest from that space of love. 
Join me as we use the SoulCollage® practice and mixed media techniques to create energy cards focused on the energy we want more of in our lives, such as Love, Gratitude, Prosperity, Abundance. 

what We'll do

We will join in meditation, focusing on an area of our lives where we feel a need. Then we will collage and create a card to celebrate the energy that will show up in our lives. 

what I'll provide

I will provide all materials to create the card, including images, glue, etc. If you would like to work with specific images, please feel free to bring them. In addition, feel free to bring a journal and free write, or I have many beautiful journals in my shop available for purchase. 
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duration: 3 hours
price: $99

it's time. yes, you can. 
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let's do this. 

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