yes, you can


preparing your Self.

because it's time.

first in a series

four sections in the waking curriculum 

thoughtful questions.
creativity workouts. 

four sections of learning

The first course in my Break Free series. You will work through four sections of learning, each one building upon the other, purposefully and thoughtfully designed to guide you in your awakening journey. 

what matters to you?

exploring values as decision drivers; what matters to you and how that influences your daily decision making behaviour. 

what's stopping you?

identifying the masks we all wear, and the obstacles we embrace that hold us back from living the life we want. 

who could I be?

allowing for self-love, in the space of compassion, exploring who you could be on the clean canvas of your life.

who am I? 

meeting your True Self, who you are without the thinking of the world dictating your decisions. Committing to actions and cultivating your voice.

what if nobody was looking? 

at your sweatpants. at your thighs.  at your hair.
they aren't.

it starts now. that's where your potential lives. 

values as decision drivers

what matters to you? 

are you living a congruent life? 

values as decision drivers 

Let's dive into what matters to you and how that influences your daily decision making behavior. 
We will: 
identify Core Values and how they can practically support clarity in decision making.
complete a "day in the life" journey map & examine key decision points.
delve into the "why" of our decision making and view through our Values lens.
go on a virtual field trip as we look at how fear and scarcity influence even our smallest decisions.
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yes you can. 

i am me. i am not what they said. 

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identifying the masks we wear

what's stopping you?

are you aware of your limiting beliefs? your masks?

what's stopping you?  

Now we will look at what may be holding us back from living the life we want to live. 
We will: 
work with the Enneagram, a tool which can provide a starting point to support you in seeing self-limiting patterns.
identify our "masks" and how the external world uses them to confirm the stories we make up about ourselves.
complete a unique creativity workout using SoulCollage® and mixed media.
identify and release limiting beliefs in a transformation ritual.
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thank you. I've had enough. 

i'm ready for different

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allowing for self-love and compassion

who could i be?

are you willing to see your self through the lens of compassion? 

allowing for self-love 

Now that you know what matters to you, what's stopping you, you are left with pure potential, a clean canvas. 
We will: 
work with the concepts of meditation, self-compassion and intuition.
complete a unique creativity workout and guided meditation to get in touch with our True Selves.
use mixed-media techniques to create value cards to carry with us.
use SoulCollage® practice to journal and explore self-love.
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you aren't a problem to solve.

you didn't do it wrong.  

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meeting your true self

who am i? 

isn't it time you met your self? 

meeting your true self 

We now meet our True Selves, who we are without the thinking of the world dictating our decisions, the "shoulds' dropped from our vocabulary, and decisive action on our horizon as we cultivate that small still voice inside. 
We will: 
complete a unique creativity workout and meet our True Self through collage and mixed media.
commit to a small change, an action that we will take to support embodying Truth.
develop an affirmation and create an "affirmation card," which serves as portable reminder of our work.
celebrate! We are moving back out into the world with our eyes open and equipped with the questions needed to stay awake, the creativity techniques to support us, and a newly minted knowledge of Truth. 
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practical. soulful. fun. 

a creative practice you can actually use.

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this is only the beginning. 

the journey continues

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