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write it. collage it. paint it.  discover it.

live it.

you are the creator of your story. 

meet me in my sanctuary, Embrace the Space Between, in
Asheville's River Arts District
and find out that yes, you are.
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a sacred space for inner transformation

exploration your way

Gallery, Studio & Shop

Explore my gallery, peek into my studio, and shop my curated product offering - all designed to inspire the creative within.

Sacred StoryScape™

Commission a unique-to-you painting & story of your sacred inner landscape.

Life Transformation Coaching

Liberate your joy with my private life transformation coaching series, BreakFree™,

Pop Up Events

Check out pop-up events to delight and surprise you! 

SoulCollage® Group Workshops

Build a personal deck of cards in this expressive art practice 

November Pop up Fun

in Asheville's River Arts District

Soulcollage® Gratitude

As we move into the holiday season, focus on Gratitude is the theme for this month. 

Join me in this SoulCollage® class where we will discuss how we practice gratitude in the everyday, and support ourselves through this season. A natural follow-on to "releasing" we now have room - space - to expand and feel the blessings in our lives. 

All supplies included: images, cards, glue sticks, and scissors

I hope you will join me in this healthful, joyful experience!
Cost is $49 and payable at the workshop. 

Experience Music + Mindfulness + Movement = Magic

with cellist and resilience coach Stephanie Winters

Join me in welcoming Stephanie Winters to Embrace the Space Between! Participate in this immersive and interactive session weaving together live cello music, awareness, and easy seated movement to foster more energy, ease, and enjoyment.  

Please note this is a one hour event. 
I hope you will join us for this free 2-hour uplifting event!

Grounding & Centering Clarity through Heart Connection

with intuition coach, author and teacher Carolyn McGee 

Our hearts are the center of heaven and earth – in this experiential workshop learn how your heart shows you the truth. Use your heart as a divination tool for clarity and connection.Our relationship to nature, to the animals, to spirit, our friends/family and most importantly to ourselves is the journey to wholeness. You will learn a simple yet profound tool to support you in your journey to the relationships you value.Receive and learn to use the power of a sacred candle and crystal to support your journey.

I hope you will join us for this 2-hour uplifting event!
Cost is $59 and payable at the workshop.

meet me here.

in asheville's River arts district. 
A place where you will be met where you are.
Free from judgement. Safe to simply be.

welcome in.

you can feel the difference.

the space i always wanted, but could never find.

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Write your awesome label here.

hi, I'm Heather

Nice to meet you. 

I'm here to support you in your journey home.
You may wonder if this is it.  It seems that there should be more, but you can't quite find it. You're restless, but can't put your finger on why. Or it's more than that, and is blooming into an urgency you can no longer ignore. 

You followed the rules. so why the feeling? 

You ticked off the accomplishments on the success checklist you were handed, accumulated the accoutrements you were told would fulfill you. 
But you still feel empty, which cascades into feeling guilty for feeling empty, so you start trying to fix yourself, thinking you must be the problem. 

But consider this.

Maybe the success list you were given wasn't right for you. Maybe living life according to someone else's story, someone else's idea of what life is supposed to be, isn't the answer and never was.

What if you knew you were the creator of your story?

What if you knew, really knew, that you are the writer, the painter, the music maker, the creator of your story? That you get to define, describe, and decide every single day the steps in the narrative of your life? 
What could life be like if you met each moment with the question:  "What if?" 
meet me in asheville's river arts district

embrace the space between.

Where you are greeted with acceptance. Peace. You can literally feel it in the air. 

I invite you into my sacred space, my sanctuary.


Feel inspired as you peruse my paintings and prints focused on the beauty of life. Includes selections from my travels overseas and around the USA, and most recently my series on the Divine Feminine.


Explore where I create, watch me work, or just chat a while, sharing a cup of coffee or tea. 


Browse my curated product offering; nothing is sold I don't use myself. Selected specifically for your nourishment: includes books, candles, art supplies, journals, and more. Contemplate. Reflect. Meditate. Or just play.
Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.
commission a unique to you sacred story and painting


It's your life dream, and so much more than a vision board. We work together to uncover your deepest life dream, and then I write and paint the story I hear, the words, the visual, all unfolding during my meditative flow state. 
Feel the mystery. Witness the beauty.
The experience of a lifetime

discovery. intuition. flow. intentional creating. 

your story
Your Painting

yours to take home.


life transformation coaching

Liberate your joy and reclaim your personal sovereignty through my four-part life transformation coaching series, BreakFree™.
Delivered to you, privately, in my gallery in Asheville's River Arts District. 

exploration without interruption. 

creativity, curiosity, intuition and practical business tools come together in an innovative offering designed to empower you by liberating you.

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Aim high, see big, judge widely

get ready to meet your self on a whole new level 

Soulcollage® Group workshops

Remember when you were a child, and you cut paper shapes, glued with glue sticks, and played without worrying you were wasting time? ​

SoulCollage® is that, but so much more. It's a collage process in which you create a single, personal deck of cards and then delve into your creation by giving voice to each card through a meditative, intuitive journaling practice. ​

Offered in Group Workshops; perfect for groups of friends, family, colleagues.

Self-discovery, at last. On your terms.
who knows what can happen next?  Join me to find out. 

pop-up fun

One of the best things about having my own shop? Being able to host pop-up fun! What can happen?  SoulCollage® workshops, new product demonstrations, Open Studio time, learning new art techniques such as collage and monoprint making.

Subscribe to my newsletter and email list to stay abreast of future pop-up events, hosted at my studio.  

where the only limit is imagination.

let's create. Together.

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practical. soulful. fun. 

why this time it's different. 

grounded empowerment

Experience using hands-on business tools to make practical decisions regarding how you spend and prioritize your time.  Feel empowered as you begin seeing the results of critical inquiry on everyday decision making. 

creative discovery

Re-claim the liberated mindset of your inner child as you allow play free rein in a creative re-discovery of joy.

practical spirituality

Work hands-on with tools to uncover, develop or enrich your spiritual practice. All roads lead to your Self on this journey of inner discovery, where you will reclaim your sovereignty and liberate your joy.
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what's in a name?
A lot, actually.

embrace the space between

That space between...
...the no longer and the not yet. 
...the known and the unknown.
...the past and the future.

That uncomfortable space where you are...
...released from all you have ever known. 
yes, you can. 

That moment when you recognize that nothing is ever going to be the same; there is no returning to "normal."

and you face a choice.

Will you release the old to make way for the new? That's a decision you can make; you have control over how you stand in that space. Are you willing to try something different?
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I invite you to Embrace the Space Between. 
To make friends with the now, the You that is waiting there. To meet the present moment with joy, gratitude and potential. To wake up and say: 

Let's see what happens next.

what will you create? 

say "yes" to the unknown.

embrace the space between. That's where your freedom lives.

peace in decision making

Peaceful decision making comes when you are in your discernment. Able to be quiet, listen to your inner voice, and align to Truth, feeling it in your heart, mind and body. How to get there? Learn to sit in the silence and listen for your knowing. With practice, this becomes easier, until it is your way of being. 

release from the "shoulds" of life

We are taught from a young age to stop asking questions, to accept the rules and play the game. I invite you to challenge this practice. Questions allow for an opening of your mind, and a gradual release from the "shoulds" of your life. Freedom lives in owning the decisions that you make, and understanding the "why" behind your actions. 

trust in self

We are accustomed to outsourcing guidance, busily handing over our decision making authority to books, internet sites, and others we deem experts. When you become still, and begin to discern your True Self's voice, you start to see you can go there first. Ask your question, hear your answer. Start with small things. Knowing you are your first and best authority comes with time, and leads to liberation. 
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the time is now. yes, you can. 

your reclamation
is waiting

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